Takahiro Yamashita Across the cloudy glass


Takahiro Yamashita

Across the cloudy glass


A nuclear power plant causes various gaps. You may be for or against it; you may be interested or not; you may have a right of actual profits or you don’t. There will be gaps in feelings of the people living around as well.
We can’t see the gaps actually, but I think they are like window glass.
When condensation forms on window glass by the different temperatures between outside and inside, it keeps out the vision from both sides.
How do we make the gaps smaller?





2005 Nippon Photography Institute

Solo Exhibition

2012@Tracing The Tamagawa@,Photo Gallery Place M/Tokyo
2012@Remember not to Forget@,TAP GALLERY/Tokyo
2011@Sleeping Beside the Miracle@,810GALLERY/Osaka

Group Exhibition

2011"Zine TEN-photography-"810GALLERY/Osaka
2011"birds in the frame"810GALLERY/Osaka
2011"4th Photography [1_WALL]"GUARDIAN GARDEN/tokyo



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